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Mahatma Gandhi is an International Higher School of Informatics and Electronic Leadership, offering higher education in the field of information science in the field of Informatics and Computer Science.
In Mahatma Gandhi prepares IT and Electronic Leaders needed for digital transformation of industry, business and society, or the Occupations of the Future.
"Informatics" - Science for collecting, transforming, transferring and storing information with arbitrary, including automated means.
"Computer Sciences" - Study of automated algorithmic processes for acquisition, presentation, processing, storage, communication and access to information. The computer scientist is specialized in computing and designing computer systems.
"Electronic Leadership" - The idea of e-leadership stems from the continuous and ever-widening penetration of technology in everyday life and all professional spheres. Regardless of where a company operates, its leader (owner or manager) must be literate in the field of IT technology. He has to feel the novelty - to present his product on the Internet, to protect his information, to introduce promising machines or software products.
"Digital Transformation" - Digital transformation is one of the most important trends in the IT world and involves not only a change in the technologies used but also in the business models of the companies. The technologies used in digital transformation are mostly cloud services, mobile technologies, large data and social media. Central and Eastern European countries are still lagging behind those of Western Europe in using these technologies, but more and more companies are planning to introduce them.
"Professions of the Future" - They are related to the 23 deep changes in business set by a global agenda review of the software and society agenda, and reflected in a report called Deep Shift - Technology Tipping Points and Social Impact Technology and Social Impact), published in 2015, including: Internet Security, Cyber ​​Security, Virtual Integrator, Robotic Informatics, Media Remixer, Door Informatics, IoT Specialist, IT Technologists , Network Administrator, E-Librarian, System Architect, formatik in green technologies, etc.

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